Survived Night 1

Taking off in a van full of healthy food + bikes sounds super fun. I was so excited about it all that there was definitely a lingering sense of 'when will this start to suck?'. 


I had an 11 hour drive ahead which I was not going to accomplish in one day. Doable, sure, but not if I wanted to keep my legs somewhat fresh for GP Gatineau. So I broke up the first day with a stop to visit family outside Buffalo, a quick power nap (bc I can!), and a longer stay in Rochester to do a little spin and meet up with friend Chelsea Knapp for coffee.  Being able to pull over and take a power nap in the van was pretty awesome. Being able to pull into a Wegman's parking lot and be riding my bike minutes later (change into kit, put on front wheel, pump tires), was super rad. The process was simpler than I expected. I rode around Rochester, had coffee, wheel off, bike in, clothes change and off again. 

It was already 8pm and I was feeling a bit sleepy. My goal was to get to Watertown, pretty close to the Canadian border. After an hour on slow, winding, foggy roads, I was ready to give up. I kept going until I had cell service and was on an actual freeway before pulling into a 'stop and text lot' for the night. 70 and pouring the van felt a little hot 'n humid. I settled in and fell asleep around 11pm. 1:30am, woke up to load noises of cars around me. All was good and I was safe, so I fell back asleep. An hour later, a semi parked behind me, leaving its lights shining into my van (yes, I have curtains, but it was still bright!) and the engine running (so loud!). I tried to ignore it, but no luck. At 3am I was fed up, grumpy, sleep deprived and drove away to find a new spot. About 10 miles down the road I found a real rest stop and was the only car. Goodnight! I woke to people's voices; other rest stoppers who parked right next to me. Ugh. Oh well. It was 5am and I was up.

The cot was comfy enough however, the noise and lights led to very little shut eye. Lesson learned, park at the ends of lots to lesson the cars that can you near you. 

That wasn't really enough to kill my #vanlife buzz. I'm a morning person and was jazzed to get on with things. Changed clothes, brushed teeth, used lots of dry shampoo... yeap I was fresh and ready for the day! Okay, I was feeling mildly grimy but oh well. Next step, get on with food. I carried supplies to a picnic table, made a couple sandwiches, and made coffee which included my first use of the jet boil system. It was so easy (after I watched a quick youtube video on how to use it... ), I had boiling water in no time which was crucial bc coffee needs hot water and I need coffee. I poured in a packet of FourSigmatic mushroom coffee (mushrooms are great for endurance and immunity!) and did a little stretching while it cooled down enough to drink. It felt great to be outside in the chilly morning air. I only had about 2.5 hours of driving left so I didn't need to rush my morning along. Instead I opted for mushroom sipping and magazine reading. Good thing too because I came across a photo of me in Women's Health Magazine!!! What fun!!

Today would be a good day. I packed up my things, trying to put everything back in its place so that van wouldn't become a messy disaster. Canada + UCI GP Gatineau here I come!!!



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