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A Quick Thank You

A Quick Thank You

Its 4am. I cannot stay in bed being restless a second longer. My eyes are sleepy by my spirit is on fire with excitement. 


Before I get to packing the final items in my van (food, bikes) and take off for this adventure, I just had so say THANK YOU.


I've gotten many 'you're racing alone? you're doing UCI races without even having a team? you're taking a trip like this solo?' ... but I'm not. This experience has shown me that I am not alone. I have a team (enter the cheesiness); I have all of you.  

Seriously tho, it's the truth. I'm super overwhelmed by the donations, the good words, the interested in what I'm doing.  I'm not alone in this. I have an amazing family, boyfriend, and cycling community that have my back and want to see me chase my goals. I have actual companies that are buying into me as a positive source of promotion, representation, and inspiration for their brand.  


It's a such an amazing reminder to keep smiling, keep riding, keep eating healthy, keep trying, because people are watching and they care.  


Be a positive influence and inspiration.


I'll try to post daily to this blog and update along the way. Looking forward to all your comments and questions!


Keep the support coming because it means so very much. 


Survived Night 1

Survived Night 1

Van Life Begins

Van Life Begins