Tiki Collard Wraps

Current personal obsession = Collard Wraps.

While in Portland (US foodie paradise) I picked up a collard green wrap at a little food co-op and my idea of ride food changed forever. I mean, what's more portlandia-esq than putting a locally made, vegan, gluten free wrap in my jersey pocket to fuel my bike ride? Nothing. 

I might be back home in Ohio now, but that doesn't mean my collard experience was forgotten.  This version isn't vegan, but easily can be adapted. Wrap + pack it tightly to take on the go; whether thats a ride and at the office. 


+ Collard Greens (be pickly! These must be big and perfect quality!)
+ Jasmine Rice, cooked
+ Butternut Squash, cooked
+ Harissa (spicy! or mild if you must...)
+ Pineapple, sliced into ~4" spears
+ Herbs (combo of mint, parsley, cilantro) 
+ Chicken Thighs***
+ Coconut Oil
+ Curry Seasoning


Rub the chicken thighs with coconut oil and curry seasoning. Grill or sauté the chicken thighs until cooked through. Let cool. Slice. 
Clean your collards and shave the rib. This step is crucial for a good wrap!! Gently slice down, or peel down the rib as thin as you can, leaving the full leaf intact. Place two leaves together, overlapping by about half and begin placing the fillings in the center of the leaves. 
It is important not to over fill. Only place about a cup of filling (a little chicken/ rice/ squash/ harissa/ herb/ pineapple) into the center of the leaves. Carefully and tightly wrap up the collard greens around the fillings, burrito style. Wrap each in plastic wrap for travel and refrigerate until ready to grab and go!

*** Want this to be vegan?? Use tempeh or tofu instead of chicken!