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Trends to Try

Trends to Try

As we close out 2018, its important to reflect back on the biggest hits and misses of the year. When it comes to nutrition, so many trends have become popular in 2018. Some of these are worth taking part in as they have real potential to positively influence your health yet others may be preached heavily by gurus (ugh) and look great on social media, but lack any validity and actually can endanger your well being.

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This is of course only a brief look at trends as there have been so many recently! I’d also like to note that I have a large category of ‘POSSIBLE’ trends that do not quite fit the ‘yes or no’ categories on the graphic. These are up and coming nutrition practices or food habits that need more evaluation & data to really advise, but do hold some potential promise.

Trends that could MAYBE, POSSIBLY be worth your time:

  • DNA testing - I’ve tried it. I didn’t feel that it gave me any useable, valuable information. I feel that it might not give you any useable, valuable either. The information was about mostly trivial things (asparagus urine, grip strength) than specific actionable topics (do I need more carbohydrates, do I absorb yxz well). Even tho I didn’t find my DNA information useful, I think there is great potential as the science improves. I also think it depends on which test you use and it might take more than one to get the info you’re after.

  • CBD - I’ll do a larger post on this soon… At the moment, my mind is not made up on this substance yet. There isn’t hard science to document it’s benefits, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. However, it seems to be very hit and miss, so try it out, but if its not your thing, move on.

  • Bullet Proof Coffee - While I don’t buy into the promise that starting your day with butter in your coffee is the best, it can help you feel more satisfied and mentally focused. I’m a fan of the ready to drink Bullet Proof coffees (especially the protein varieties) as a satisfying snack to beat the mid morning, early afternoon energy slumps and keep from reaching for junky snacks.

  • Personalized Vitamins - I haven’t tested any of these, but I like the concept. It shouldn’t be normal to just consume random amounts and varieties of supplemental nutrients without knowing what your body needs. Of course, with any supplements, I question the accuracy and testing as supplements are not regulated.

  • Collagen - is vital substance in healthy skin + ligaments and having it in the body is a good thing; however, the science is still out on whether or not ingesting it helps to promote its production in the body. But its also a great way to get protein as the easily dissolving powder is gentle on the GI system, making it ideal for those who have difficulties digesting other protein powders.

  • 2 Minute Workout (or the 7 minute) - Not nutrition, but had to mention it. I’m super torn on this one. Science points to it’s effectiveness, but that doesn’t mean it replaces a solid, long fitness session. I also worry that going all out in 7 minutes will cause poor form, injury, and an excuse to be lazy the other 1,433 minutes in the day.

Happy 2019!



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