Golden Quinoa

Turmeric is having its moment in the food world.

This is one trend that should make its way into your diet asap. Turmeric is the golden orange root often found as a dry, powder spice and used as a component in curry. You can currently find it in teas, supplements, powders, fresh... Fresh is best when you can find it, but I like to keep a high quality powder on hand for everyday use. Health benefits of turmeric are wide spread and well documents. From decreased triglyceride, to improved cognition, soothed digestion, reduced inflammation in joints, and even a decreased cancer risk. Start reaping these benefits today and add some turmeric to your meals!!

Golden Quinoa

This is an easy recipe and great way to get your turmeric in!  

I love making a large batch and using it throughout the week. 


Try using it in salads, with roasted veggies, or toss in coconut milk and fruit for a porridge style meal. 

How do you use turmeric? Share your ideas!