Van Life Upgrades

Well the race season has started and that means I'm not only racing bikes (post to come), but that I'm spending a lot of time traveling & living in my van. 

Here's a bit about the new set up:

Last year's basic set up. 

Last year's basic set up. 

My awesome parents. 

My awesome parents. 

I've been living the van life for a month now, on & off with visits with my parents & host housing stays. The stays at real homes help to break up being in a 'box'. It's nice to have some wifi, a real bed, laundry done, and of course, a shower!! 

Getting to spend time at my parent's was a great way to start the season. Mentally, racing can be so difficult, stressful and tense, so it was just so nice to be around people who really love and care for me. I'm very lucky to have such invested parents.

My father spent a ton of time revamping this vehicle for me. It's practically a studio apartment now... The updates have really made the space feel more like a 'home'; allowing me to work, prep food, charge things, and sleep as well as getting me (and two bikes) from race to race Last year the van included a cooler, cot, and two bike mounts. This year, I have a 'pull out bed', solar power, a working sink, counter space, vent & fan, and still room for two bikes.  Check out the photos and video to see more of the van updates. 

Of course, it is a small van, so space is tight and not always the easiest to deal with. There are issues like where to park, staying safe, having wifi to do work, loading bikes in and out, keeping things organized, keeping things clean, staying warm or cool or dry, switching between solar and battery power to keep my food cold and things charged etc... The hassles aside, is also great to be able to go anywhere to ride and travel from race to race without stressing about where to stay. It's also great to be able to just 'shut off'. I can be in my small space without outside demands and just rest and focus on riding well. 

Van Specific Upgrades:
+ Solar Power Panel & Battery
+ Pull Out Bench for sitting or sleeping
+ Counter top
+ Sink with water pump
+ Cupboards
+ LED lights
+ Ceiling vent w/ fan
+ Back speakers removed for extra storage space
+ Car adaptor water boiler thermos

In the next van life post, I'll dive more into the day to day van life (safety, riding, cooking). So if you have questions about any of that, let me know and I'll try to address them!