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VIP Experience w/ Swisse & BMC

VIP Experience w/ Swisse & BMC

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Wow what a day!!!!  If you guys were following along on my social media, you know what an amazing experience I had being a VIP with Team BMC & team sponsor Swisse Wellness at stage one of the 2018 Amgen Tour of California. For a competitive cyclist, it doesn’t get much cooler than watching the best of the best race a world tour event (the only thing better would be being talented enough to be IN the race itself), so I was more than excited to get to watch all of the action in person. But things would only get better: I spent the stage hanging out with Swisse Wellness, a company that supplies supplements that totally align with my natural, performance centered nutrition approach. Bike racing and performance nutrition?! Am I dreaming? Yes, please. Swisse is a sponsor of Team BMC and I met the team, rode in the team caravan car and had VIP access. OMG OMG OMG I got to do what now!? I ride a BMC (TeamMachine SLR01) and LOVE it, so getting to hang with this team was super special to me. Bike race, nutrition focus, and hanging out with a world tour team? Somebody pinch me. #CelebrateLifeEveryDay

The coolest part wasn’t watching the race though, it was getting to talk to the team about nutrition. I know, I’m more of a nutrition nerd than cyclist fan girl. But seriously, I enjoyed asking some questions and getting to hear what these high performing athletes do to make sure their bodies are fueled for success. Tejay van Garderen, Brent Bookwalter & Nathan Van Hooydonck shared some personal insight on their nutrition habits. Tejay expressed the emphasis on carbs for pre-race nutrition (porridge and toast with eggs seems to be his go-to). He also shared that during a race, you do what you can to get enough in without over stressing the GI system. Since cyclists at this level of training and competition need so many calories and nutrients, supplements play a role in making sure those bases are covered every day. Brent was very passionate about making sure his macronutrients and electrolytes are dialed in to support his performance goals. He also mentioned antioxidant support as being crucial to his nutrition plan to help his body adapt positively to its stressors.

The message shared by the entire professional team was that nutrition isn’t an afterthought. Without enough fuel and hydration, they cannot perform. End of story. Foods and supplements that meet their individual needs are consumed before, during, and after the race with equal importance.

I also got to chat with Swisse Wellness’ Managing Director Oliver Horn about the company’s commitment to quality ingredients, research backed product development, a diverse line of vitamins and supplements, and staying in touch with what their consumers are looking for and in need of. In this case, the consumers are professional cyclists competing in a world tour race. As an elite athlete with sponsors of my own, I completely appreciated Swisse’s commitment to supporting these athletes; not only with product, but also by personally attending and cheering along the team.  One of the products making its way into the hands of athletes is Swisse Wellness Ultiboost Co-Enzyme Q10. This co-enzyme targets the mitochondria, cellular powerhouse, helping to prevent antioxidant damage, generate more energy and decrease muscle soreness. While I remain committed to whole foods for nearly all of my vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients whenever possible, research shows that it is practically impossible to get beneficial levels of this co-enzyme through food consumption. A diet high in foods supplying Co-Enzyme Q10 will provide the body around 30mg, while beneficial doses seem to be above 100mg a day. For me, this product adds to the fueling, macronutrient, and hydration needs of a pro cyclist, and I was excited to learn about it during my day spent with Swisse Wellness and team BMC.

In seeking an additional competitive edge, and to boost my energy level and my body’s ability to regenerate and repair, I’ve recently started taking Swisse Wellness Ultiboost Co-Enzyme Q10 supplement and am finding taking this one-a-day formula is a super simple way to gain extra performance and a health edge. In order to step up my racing game and feel my best, I’m excited to be able to try a product that’s both backed by research and validated by Team BMC, racing bikes at the highest level of the sport. This is a true example of where supplementation makes sense. 


Check out the image gallery below to get a look at my first-hand experience at the race as I met the team, hung out in the VIP area, and rode in the team caravan car during stage one of the Amgen Tour of California.

Head over to swisse.com for more information about Ultiboost Co-Enzyme Q10 and its other products, or follow them on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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