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Waste Less

Waste Less

This is a little off topic from our normal fitness & food content.... but it's important! Wasting goes agains being a mindful person and being mindful plays a huge role in your performance & nutrition efforts. Not only that, but of course the more you consume and use plastics and other disposables, the more you're damaging the environment around you. 


Here are a few tips to do your part of wasting less when it comes to eating on the go.

  • #nostrawplease is currently a big deal. Over 500,000,000 plastic straws are used by Americans daily, most of which end up polluting oceans. Recently, on a trip to Maui, almost every restaurant had this information printed on its menu, urging guests to stop plastic straw use and explaining why you would either go sans straw or be given a paper straw with your drink. Do your part by asking for no straw with your beverages. Go a step further and carry your own stainless steal variety for reusable sipping. 
  • Food storage at home typically involves single uses of plastic wrap or foil. Move away from these options by investing in reusable glass containers, natural wraps (like @BeesWrap), and washable 'baggies' (like @Stasherbags). 
  • At the grocery store, aim to actually bring paper bags from the previous trip to reuse, or remember that stash of reusable totes you have in the trunk of your car. Bringing your own bag, basket, backpack, etc... is a simple way to feel good about wasting less. 
  • At Cadence Kitchen, we love a good bulk area! It's an ideal place to stock up on your staples or get just enough of what you need. However, filling plastic bag after bag creates a ton of waste! Bring your own weck jars or stasher bags to the bulk section with you. Simply weigh the empty container first and ask the cashier to take the tare off your final weight. 
  • As athletes we eat on the go constantly; training, races, trips, and just the constant need to fuel our active bodies. Make a set of eating tools part of your gym bag contents. Mine includes a cloth napkin, blender bottle, steel straw, titanium spork and a healthy human tumbler for mixing shakes, oats, or whatever on the move. 
  • Speaking of beverages, a reusable water bottle, shake mixer, and hot cup should be staple items that you travel with in order to reduce on the go waste. 

There you have it, a few easy items & a little thinking ahead and you can make a big impact on reducing waste that pollutes and damages our environment. Not only that, but these waste less habits are likely to inspire more mindful behaviors like meditation, intuitive eating and commitment to your overall wellness goals. 

Before you click off this article, make 1 goal statement about how you will waste less this week. 

Example:  I will go a full 7 days without using a straw obtained outside the home.

Example: I will take my own bags to the grocery store every shopping trip this month.

Thanks for making a positive impact on yourself & this world you live in!



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