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What I Ate: GMSR

What I Ate: GMSR

Let me start by saying I do not 'track' my food intake. Meaning that on a daily basis I don't record every bite and associate that bite with its caloric + nutritional properties. My understanding of food and what my body needs and what each bite contributes to those needs is pretty solid. However, I do encourage everyone trying to make changes and meet new goals to check in occasionally and/or for specific time periods (like a week before a big race or attempting to lose weight). And of course, if you need assistance with any of that, schedule an appointment with me! That being said, I people are always interested to know what I eat in a day. So here it is, the run down on what I ate during my last stage race of the season. 

Green Mtn Stage Race includes 4 days of racing, a 12 hour drive to Vermont and living out of my van for 6 days. Not only did I have the challenge of eating to race, but eating on the road as well!!

What I eat in a day: Van Life + GMSR



Thursday: Driving to the race + TT preview/ 1 hour shake out ride.

  • French Press coffee with a few tbsp. 1% organic milk

    • I love taking the mini shelf stable Horizon organic milks to travel bc (obviously) they don’t go bad and I only have to open a small bit at a time.

  • Sandwich: 2 Slices Canyon GF Bakehouse whole grain heritage bread + Uncured deli turkey + Swiss Cheese + hummus + sprouts + avocado

    • Always prep a few things ahead of time to take with you, like make some sandwiches, roast some squash, cook + shred some chicken, boil some eggs and throw it into a cooler.  Easy!

  • Another of the same sandwiches.

  • Handfuls of parsnip chips

    • I woke up from my nap very hungry and grabbed the first thing I saw! Parsnip chips, but still chips!  This is why you should only have healthful things around, to prevent any grabbing of 'junk'!! 

  • Handful of Maple Roasted Almonds - local find! So good!

  • French Press coffee + milk again

  • 1 hr ride - No ride fuel needed

  • Plate of shredded BBQ Love Beets, Squash, homemade eggplant hummus, shredded chicken, hard-boiled egg, pumpkin seeds, and grapes.

    • An odd combo… but it was delicious!!

  • Couple handfuls of chocolate chips

  • Glass of red wine

Friday: Stage 1 – ~6mi TT

  • French Press with milk, vital protein travel packet, four sigmatic shroom blend

  • Early wake up and very cold morning!

  • Hot cocoa with Cayenne

  • Trying desperately to warm myself!

  • Bowl of Noosa yogurt + homemade Mucuna Purine granola + banana

  • TT Warm up ~1hr easy/ a couple efforts

  • Handful Gummie Bears

  • TT 6 miles all out + 6 mile cool down return

  • Slice of Canyon Heritage bread + 1 spoonful honey nut peanut butter + salt sprinkle

  • Slice of Canyon Heritage bread + 1 HB egg + 1 spoonful Hope Foods Spicy Avo hummus

  • I was driving a lot after the race so it was simple to grab a slice of bread and throw some toppings on it.

  • Handful Maple Almonds

  • Large meal of 2 local sausages + rice + squash + beets + kale cooked in ½ tbsp coconut oil and chicken broth.

    • I didn’t eat ALL of this, I did eat all the kale and sausage but saved the remaining rice + squash for tomorrow! Its meal prep van style! Remember, always bring an extra food storage container! 

  • Too much chocolate

  • Oops

  • Glass of local tart cherry kombucha

  • 2 glasses red wine

Saturday: RR 56 miles with some climbs

  • French Press + milk

  • 1 salt/pepper HB egg

  • 2 Noosa Salted Caramel Yogurts (the small ones!) + Granola + banana

  • 5 mi warm up ride

  • 1 Honey Stinger GF Waffle

  • Sugar Free RedBull
  • 56 mi Race – plain water + few handfuls gummie bears

  • RX Bar post race

  • 5 mile cool down ride

  • Leftover rice/squash mix + raw kale + can of Wild Planet Skipjack

  • Local Kombucha

  • Glass of Red Wine

  • Bowl of GF sweet potato pasta + 2 sausages + coconut oil + salt + chipotle chili flakes


Sunday: 64 miles with finish climb


  • Coffee + milk

  • Squash + Peanut Sauce

  • Race – 45 degrees and pouring rain at the start – I knew my body was too cold from the start when I was abnormally hungry immediately. 

    • GoMacro Bar ~ 1 hour in

  • Too cold to keep racing at mile 46

    • ate 1 Pamelas Wherever bar while shivering in an empty barn entrance ~ 2 hours in 

    • Handfuls of gummies while being driven back to the start

  • Fawen Sweet Potato soup (HOT!)

  • Coffee + milk

  • Started 12 hour drive home

  • Handfuls of Angies White Cheddar Popcorn

    • I wasn't even enjoying this! Talk about mindless eating while driving! I hid the rest of the bag behind the seat and tossed it at the next rest stop! Out of sight, out of mind!

  • Tuna Sandwich – 2 slices Canyon GF bread + 1 can Wild Planet Skipjack + Ranch dressing

  • Handful Raspberries

  • 1 Glass Red Wine

  • 3 Handfuls Chocolate Chips

So the race didn't go quite as planned... but my fueling was great! I maintained weight (yes I bring a scale) throughout the days of racing and felt strong despite having to bow out due to hyperthermic conditions. While there are things I could improve on (wine + chocolate), my choices were mostly nutritious + balanced! Doing a little pre travel food prep is definitely key to eating well throughout the journey. It's also important to set yourself up with the right tools and utensils to travel with to make your cooking and eating possible. I suggest traveling with an extra food storage container (or a few...), rice cooker, camp cookery (if camping or in a van), knife, utensils... Experiment and have fun with your travel eating, but keep the focus on foods that will help fuel your body to meet your goals; remember you're there to race!!

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