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Workout Fueling Tracker

Workout Fueling Tracker

One thing I constantly struggle with as Sports Dietitian is getting athletes to track what they eat during their workouts. Many athletes will track their general food intake (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks) in various apps or journals; however, they neglect to focus on the nutrition put into the workouts! This is due impart to those apps being poorly set up to highlight workout fueling along.

For athletes with a generally healthy base diet, neglecting to focus on the fuel consumed around (before/during/after) training sessions can lead to subpar performance and body composition results.

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Knowing what you consume (food, beverage & supplements) around training sessions is key to knowing how those foods effect your training outcomes from gastric health, body composition, recovery, and performance energy levels.

For this reason, I urge athletes to track what they eat during workouts. Every athlete needs a clear sense of what they’re eating/ drinking before, during, after training sessions to be able to make performance gains. In some ways, this information is more important than what the athlete eats outside of training. So basically, you’re tracking the wrong info.

I urge you to take a break from looking at your normal tracking and instead, focus in on the training intake. To help you out, I created a daily tracker for you to use. Remember to be as detailed as possible and include fluids, supplements, brand names, flavors, amounts and timing of intake.

If you need more help tracking or have no idea what to do with the data you’re collecting, book a consult with me ASAP!

Here is an example of how to fill in your tracker.

To download a blank template to use for yourself, click the button below.

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