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Strawberry Oat Bites

Strawberry Oat Bites


These bites were made to take along on a long bike ride. They are dense little balls of energy! I suggest using these to fuel your body for long endurance activities like cycling, hiking, kayak day trips, etc... 

Since these are 'no-bake' treats, you can make them super quickly! Also, its currently 90degrees outside so who wants to put the oven on!?!?

+ 2 cups raw cashews
+ 1 cup dates, pitted**
+ 1 cup freeze dried strawberries
+ 1/2 cup sweetened shredded coconut
+ 1 tsp sea salt

+ 1/2 cup gluten free old fashioned oats


Place first 5 ingredients in a high powered blender or food processor. Pulse until combined into a sticky mass. Transfer to a bowl and use your clean hands to roll bite size balls. Roll the balls into the oats to coat. ENJOY!


+ Make it Extra Special

**Make sure to check all your dates for pits! Even if you buy pitted dates, double check them. No one wants bits of pits in their bites! A pit can also cause damage to your blender or food processor. 


Note - This recipe makes roughly 14 balls, depending on how large or small you roll them. You could also press them into bars! 

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