Why Have your food + Drink Separate?  

No one can argue that Oats are an athlete's BFF.

This bowl of oats is for the athlete in a hurry... so much of a hurry that they just dump their coffee in their food and call it a meal... 

Don't act like you've never done it!! ;)

Ingredients: (for 2)
+ 2 cup cooked Rolled Oats
+ 2 tbsp Turbinado Sugar
+ 1 cup Milk
+ 4 shots Espresso
+ Dash of Cardamom



Steam your milk until it is frothy and thick. If you do not have a milk steamer, use a hand frother with heated milk. Divide your cooked oats into two bowls. Make your espresso, and mix the hot liquid with the sugar until sugar is dissolved. Pour 2 espresso shots into each bowl. Top with the milk and sprinkle of spice. 


+ Make it Extra Special

Not a cardamom fan? Try Cinnamon.