Recovering with Cocoa Elite


Cocoa Elite is a new product that merges old standbys: cocoa + milk. We all know that chocolate milk is a nutritious option for post workout refueling and recovery. However, what about when you're out training away from home, away from gas stations and cafes?... or when you forgot to get to the store and buy chocolate milk to put in your fridge? or when you open the milk you had in the fridge and it smells...well worse than your sweaty training gear?

In my guide to recovery, I discussed the importance of recovery and making sure you plan for these mishaps, but here is a product that has me hooked. I'm not too keen on products. I have a protein powder I love (Tera's Whey), a gel I love (Honey Stinger), other than that, I stick with whole foods and try to stay away from the processed bars, powders and other gimmicky items. 

Enter CocoaElite. Its pretty cool really. Dry milk + cocoa = yum! Cocoa is full of antioxidants and flavonoids; powerful phyto-properties that enhance the way our bodies function, not to mention the tasty flavor we all love. The dry milk is a super great concept. When mixed with water, it creates CHOCOLATE MILK! Brilliant right? No lugging a cooler or milk or any of it. Just mix this into your water bottle and enjoy your perfect combo of recovery carbs and protein. Another standout about Cocoa Elite is that this powder boasts 12g of protein per serving. It doesn't flood the body with protein, it provides just enough for immediate recovery. 

After a recent winter ride that started in 24 degree temps and did not warm up much... I was COLD and needed warmth and a recovery meal. Since the ride began at a Starbucks, typically I'd go in and grab a beverage... but lets face it, that gets pricey and the drinks are super loaded with sugar and processed flavoring. Instead I packed a single serve packet of Cocoa Elite Complete Body Recovery Protein and my coffee mug. Post ride, I scurried into the Starbucks and politely requested hot water which I added my packet to and stirred thoroughly. The flavor is mellow, not overly chocolatey and not at all chalky or syrupy. I was able to slowly sip the hot mixture and recover as I drove home. After trying it, I'm a fan and have gone on to use it more often in my training routine.

While all you need to do is mix with water, here is a smoothie recipe using the product.

Try it out!

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Ingredients: Serves 2

+ 2 scoops Cocoa Elite Recovery Protein
+ 1 cup Cold Brew Coffee

+ 1/2 cup Water
+ 1 tsp Cinnamon
+ 1 Banana
+ 1/4 tsp salt


Blend ingredients until smooth.  ENJOY!

+ Make it Extra Special

Freeze ripe bananas before using in smoothies to create a thicker, creamier drink.