Dance til You Die Elixir

Need to Dance the night away? or just cycle and run in a state of higher energy?... 

We all worry about race weight and sluggish metabolisms. Its just the life of an athlete.  If you feel like your energy isn't burning as high as it should be, its time to refresh and recharge. This drink is not a miracle weight loss solution, but it is helpful. Grapefruit has been shown in numerous studies to stave off hunger and increase energy and capsaicin in peppers does help increase metabolic rate. The parsley and lime add cleansing agents while the cucumber cools and soothes for a balancing factor. 

  Your drinks should only be 2-4 ounces of the juice.. Keeping these drinks shot sized means you aren't overwhelmed with sugary (although natural) calories. The goal is to get an added nutrition and wellness boost, not sip a meals worth of calories. 


+ 1 Grapefruit, rind mostly removed
+ 1 Lime
+ 1 Jalapeno Pepper
+ 1 handful Parsley
+ 1/2 Cucumber


Juice the ingredients. Start with the parsley and end with the grapefruit.  


+ Make it Extra Special

I top my elixirs with a few ounces of mineral water for extra hydration and trace minerals.