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Spring Green

Spring Green Your Diet


Everyone’s heard of spring cleaning… and it happens to be one of my least favorite concepts. I truly dislike cleaning, regardless of the season.

Unless of course, we are applying this concept to our diets…

Spring is the perfect time to break free of drab, stale, stick to your ribs style foods. There are just so many seasonal foods that inspire healthful, energized eating habits that it would be a crime not to partake in a little dietary cleansing.


But again, cleaning sounds like a chore. Lets switch things up and spring GREEN our diets.


It is always best to eat in-season produce as it has the freshest flavors and highest nutrition quality.

In Season GREEN Produce & how to get more in your diet:

  • Peas
    • Say goodbye to frozen peas (yuk!) and toss fresh shelled English peas into your next salad. They have complex carbohydrates to keep you energized!
    • Try my Spring Pea & Egg Salad!
  •  Spinach
    • Light dinners promote quality sleep. Try having a simple spinach salad for dinner tonight!
  • Watercress
    • This pretty little green is a nutritional superfood. It is loaded with Vit C, calcium and said to boost immunity and even prevent diseases. 
    • Forgo the heavy kale leaf and try this delicate green in your salad instead! Its good to change things up (sorry kale)
    • Be adventurous and try my watercress smoothie!
  • Asparagus
    • When I see fresh asparagus in the grocery markets, I get excited! It instantly signifies spring to me! 
    • Halve the stalks lengthwise and toss into pasta for a simple meal or drizzle with olive oil and grill lightly! 
  •  Fava Beans
    •  Fava beans might sound scary, but they are loaded with filling fiber and powerful protein. Toss these into a light gingery vegetable broth for a satisfying spring meal.
  • Artichokes
    • Get adventurous and try grilling an artichoke. Dip it into some hummus for a spring green side dish!
  • Avocado
    • Healthy fats?! Yes please!  Mash the buttery flesh onto toast for a fast morning meal!
  • Fennel
    • Known for being cleansing and detoxifying for the body, this is a flavorful and nutritious addition to any diet. 
    • Shave the bulb into salads or cut into chunks and roast!

Add these greens to every meal!!

They’re loaded with fiber, phytonutrients and the low caloric count keeps you from feeling weighed down.

The best way to spring green your diet is to eat greens at every meal!!! Can you do it? Try it this week. Start Monday and see if you can make it through the work week utilizing one of these seasonal green treats in each meal.

Grab some seeds and start planting your own beautiful produce this spring!

Share your inspiration and suggestions below!


Happy Spring Greening! 

Blue Hill