Get stung.

Feeling Sluggish? Stiff? Unmotivated? 

You need a boost of B.

This quick meal fuels your body for a workout with a blend of complex and simple sugars while providing a much needed energy and immunity boost. 

Ingredients: Serves 1

+ 1/2 cup soaked Buckwheat
+ 1/2 cup water
+ 1 tbsp Bee Pollen
+ 4 chunks Crystalized Ginger, halved
+ 1/2 Banana
+ 1 Honey Stinger Gel
+ 1/2 Lemon
+ 1/2 Orange


Mix water with the juice of your citrus. Stir in buckwheat and the Stinger gel. Top with ginger and bee pollen and banana.   



+ Fueling Considerations

This meal is great for before an endurance run or ride.