Trainer 5s:

Raise your hand if you HATE the trainer. Yeap, practically everyone. But those of us living in bitter cold or trying to get an efficient workout in when being time pressed when the days are short just have to suck it up and start spinning indoors. I do not have a power meter. I do not have a Zwift or like to haul my bike + trainer to shop group classes. 

When I trainer... I tend to watch tv, surf the web, read a book, email, instagram, etc etc etc... Which is so productive! Hooray! Except that my heart rate stays low and I barely sweat and its more of an 'active recovery' than a workout. 

So I had to make myself (my structured workout hating self) a workout to follow. My HR gets high and I shred calories. Try it out. 

This workout is 1 hour, but could go as long as you want. 



Get a towel.

Put away all magazines, phones, computer, etc...

BLAST a fun, upbeat playlist.

Get ready to work.


Now here is how it goes:

Start in your easiest gear. Each set is 5 minutes. Each set you will shift into your next hardest gear, then the next then the next. 10 gears, 10 x 5 minutes + 5 minute warm up, 5 minute cool down. Or, repeat for a two hour workout. 

5 minutes - Warm up 


1 minute - easy pedal

3 minutes - hard pedal

1 minute - ALL OUT

Downshift into next gear

Repeat set at each gear until in hardest gear. 

*Note: Stand for ALL OUT minutes at really tough gears. 


Try it out! :)