Travel Nutrition


Pack your bags like you want to be ACTIVE!

Include all your 'must haves' to train hard. 

Traveling creates stress and inflammation on the body and it is very important to treat your body right under these circumstances. 

If you are traveling to train, then you need to take it seriously and pack some essentials in your luggage.  

Quick Tips to Traveling to Train

  • Do not let your watch take away from enjoying the new area. Forget about paces and soak up your surroundings.
  • Carry a map.
  • Have ID and cellphone with you. Notify someone of your planned route.
  • Plan to ride through an actual town or two in order to fill up with water. There might not be any gas stations or drinking fountains or other modern conveniences on your route otherwise.
  • When finished with your training, remember to recover and refuel before skipping off to your next fun vacation activity.
  • If you're staying away for a long training camp, pack a scale if possible. Its important to monitor your weight for hydration and energy. Training camps are not the time to loose weight, you want to aim to your normal weight.


  • Pack your key nutrition items. 
    • For example, I am Gluten Free and hotel breakfasts typically do not offer the grains I need for morning workout carbohydrates. So I always pack some 'to-go' oatmeal cups and Emmy's Organic Buckwheat granola.  Bars are also helpful to pair with the milk, oj, and bananas typically offered.
  • If you have a kitchen, it is easier to prepare balanced meals. Stop at a local grocery and stock up.
  • Only have a mini fridge? Get the essentials! Milk, juice, hardboiled eggs,
  • No fridge to use?  Plenty of items are shelf stable. Boxed milks, pasteurized coconut water, nut butters, fruit... 
  • If you’re doing endurance activities, make sure to bring the products you are accustomed to consuming to avoid GI stress.
  • Stay as stable as you can with meal times and intake amounts.


  • Carefully monitor your hydration. Use urine check as an easy reference. 
  • Long flights and increased alcohol consumption will work against you.
  • Carry water at all times. Aim to sip throughout the day.
  • Consider adding an electrolyte tablet. They are easy to pack! I love Nuun. 
  • Try adding more liquids to each meal.
    • Smoothie at breakfast.
    • Soup at lunch.
    • Coconut water snack.
    • Afternoon tea.
    • Treat yourself to bottled mineral water with dinner.
  • Map out water stops during your workouts; look for cafes, gas stations, etc along your route in advance. 
  • Pack a hydration pack and/or bottles.