with Homemade Marshmallows. 

Mocha Me! 

Honestly, I am not a mocha fan. For some reason liquid chocolate + strong espresso just doesn't make my stomach feel good. But... I made some amazing marshmallows and needed a way to use them. After some steamer and cocoa experimentation, I tried something different: White Mocha. It is lovely. Not overly sweet on its own which is perfect because the marshmallows add their own punch of sugar. 


+ 2 shots Espresso
+ 1/2 cup Milk ( I like Whole)
+ 2 tbsp shaved White Chocolate
+ 2 Marshmallows


Prepare your double espresso. Add the chocolate to the steamy fresh espresso and stir until it melts into the espresso. Next, froth your milk. I like a good amount of thick foam, but it is up to your preference here. If you like it more milky, then aim for that! Pour the milk over the espresso, give a light stir and top with your marshmallows. 


+ Make it Extra Special

Callebaut chocolate is amazing. Splurge on it if you can. Worth it.