Metabolism + Immune Boosting

Eat the RAINBOW.

More color equals more nutrients! It is always a good idea to combine as many colorful ingredients as you can! Salads are typically thought of as summer food, but there is no reason this one can't be tossed together in the cold months for a refreshing boost.

Ingredients: (for 2 Large Salads)
+ 6 cups Greens ( I use a mix of spinach leaves + shredded purple cabbage + kale) 
+ 3 Carrots, shaved
+ 1 cup Broccolini, trimmed

+ 1/4 cup Sprouted Watermelon Seeds
+ 1 cup Blueberries
+ 2 Tangerines, peeled and segmented



Mix all the ingredients together. Eat. Enjoy.

+ Make it Extra Special

Toss with an orange maple dressing or a creamy buttermilk ranch.